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Ultimate Guide On starting a 401K (For Yourself or Your Business)

If you’re asking yourself “how do I start a 401(k)?” you’re certainly not alone, but it is much less complicated than you may think. To open a 401(k) for yourself contact your employer and ask if you are eligible for participation, ask if you have been automatically enrolled or if you must do so manually, choose how much money you wish to contribute, and finally choose investment options based on your contributions and risk tolerance. To get started offering 401k plans to your employees, choose the best type of 401(k) for your business, create a plan document that adheres the standards set by the IRS, set up a trust that will hold the plan’s assets, create a record keeping system, and communicate the details of your plan to current and prospective eligible employees.

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The Best 6 Tips for Smart Summer Spending

Summer is the second most expensive season (winter being the first due to holiday spending).

We still want you to enjoy yourself during these warmer months and longer days, so we’ve created a list of our favorite tips for smart summer spending so that you can still enjoy the summer while not breaking the bank.

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