Client Stories

We thoroughly enjoy servicing our clients by building long lasting relationships. See how we’ve worked with people just like you over the years by reading our client’s stories!


Becoming a Part of the Johndrow Wealth Family

Jackie spent most of her career at Aetna while John was at The Hartford. We leveraged cutting-edge technology and our firm’s combined expertise to answer questions for Jackie and John including:

  • Do I have enough saved to retire the way we’d like?

  • Am I taking on the appropriate amount of risk in my investment portfolio?

  • Do I need long-term care insurance?

These two insurance gurus initially started working with Lori after they sought Lori out for her deep understanding of the ins-and-outs of Aetna’s pension and 401K plans. Anytime a financial situation arises for Jackie, John, or their adult children, Maggie and Lori are ready and willing to find the solution! Most recently, Lori and Maggie provided guidance on the sale of Aetna to CVS.

In addition to the financial guidance we provide, Jackie, John, and their children can also take advantage of all the perks of becoming a part of the Johndrow Wealth Family. They can attend regular events, that include such subject matters like, medicare supplement, tax-planning, and even some client appreciation events-- like a casual trip to Newport or our annual referral dinner at Piccolo Arancio.

Working Globally, Saving Locally

Maggie began working with Fran in March of 2018. Fran shared that she was “excellent at spending money, not so great at saving it.”

She had received a leadership role at the Boston-based global digital advertising firm, Publicis Sapient and given her new position, she felt that it was time to take control of her finances. Because her new role involves regular international travel to places such as London, UK and Sydney, Australia, she needed someone in the United States tending to her assets. She needed someone she could trust to help build her financial future but also be flexible and capable of navigating irregular schedules introduced by her regular travel through multiple timezones. 

At Johndrow Wealth, we prioritize and leverage technology. In this case, by using screen sharing, video conferences, and various social channels, Maggie and Fran were able to regularly connect and implement a customized retirement savings and financial plan. Though in different countries, Maggie maintains regular contact with Fran and recently helped her consolidate and refinance her student loans after a recent promotion so that she can take a more proactive posture to tackle debt.

Maggie created a savings plan for Fran’s retirement and the assets are being managed by our firm. Additionally, Maggie assisted Fran in consolidating and refinancing her student loans after her recent promotion.


Discovering The Next Stage in Life

Carol spent most of her adulthood tasked with one of life’s most valuable responsibilities: caring for her children and home. Once most of her children were adults and out on their own, Carol realized she needed to make a significant life change and filed for divorce.

Johndrow Wealth management was dedicated to understanding Carols’ financial needs as she entered a new phase of her life. Maggie and her team provided Carol with support and crafted a robust financial plan to help Carol address the following questions as she moved into the next stages of her life: 

  • Should I keep my house? Is it financially sound to do so? If not, where can I afford to live?

  • Do I have enough saved for retirement? If not, what steps can I take to be financially secure in the future?

  • What is a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)?

  • Can I collect Social Security despite not being employed for many years?

  • What is my risk tolerance? Does my acquired investment account match that?

  • Once I am off COBRA, what are my health insurance options?

  • What about long-term care, disability insurance, and life insurance?

During new phases in life—whether divorced or widowed—one may no longer have a person to be a “sounding board” for big life decision. Maggie, Lori, and the Johndrow Wealth team are committed to being that support system. We are here to help you each step of the way as you transition into a new phase of life.

Planning Across Generations

As one of Lori’s clients, Steve has been with us through times of both national economic boom and decline. He was initially looking for guidance on life insurance and insight on how he could supplement the insurance provided by his employer to cover his young family. As Lori added financial planning and investment management to her roster of services, Steve quickly jumped on board.

Steve’s story is an example of the type of clients Johndrow Wealth works for: a long-time Aetna employee. Lori's experience familiarity with Aetna's retirement plans helped Steve objectively assess his current Aetna 401k, pension, insurance, and stock options. 

We also work with Steve’s son Patrick, a newcomer to the of investment world. Lori’s daughter-in-law Maggie immediately struck-up a professional relationship with him. Maggie and Patrick were able to work through his finance related concerns and subsequently discussed the goals of not only Patrick, but also his wife — involving retirement, student loans, and buying a home.

Steve and Patrick’s case is an example of our firm’s approach to multi-generational planning. We don’t just plan for younger generations, we actively involve them in the process and give them access to the same advisors that their loved ones worked with.

With a financial plan set, Jessica and Patrick were able to make objective decisions related to their housing arrangements. Johndrow Wealth also connected the couple with a local real estate agent to help them get into the space they desired. This illustrates that Johndrow Wealth provides more than financial advice. We also serve as a connector, and provide clients access to other strategic partners on the path to achieving their financial goals.


Taking Control to Gain Financial Freedom

Dannie was facing difficulties with money that we have recognized many clients struggle with: the fear of personal finances. She was looking for someone to break down money management in a simple way and providing actionable ways in which she could take control of her financial situation.

Maggie helped Dannie define her financial goals by creating actionable and attainable goals that were tailored to her goal of financial security . Maggie checks-in with Dannie quarterly to ensure that she is on track with her goals and to make any adjustments, if necessary. 

Defining Your Own Retirement

Kathy began working with Lori pre-retirement and as a Senior Director at Aetna. She came to Johndrow Wealth with an appetite to learn. Lori and Maggie explained Kathy’s 401K investment options, helped her consolidate accounts, provided her with an understanding of Aetna’s pension, and advised her on tax considerations in regard to the sale of Aetna to CVS.

Maggie also works with Kathy’s daughter in Los Angeles to develop in the creation of her own financial strategy. Financial planning begins well before retirement and our work with Kathy’s daughter is an exemplification of this ideal.


Financial Independence

As a single person, you are often forced to make big decisions—including financial ones—on your own. Chris came to us because she was looking for meaningful insight and guidance as she was previously making important financial decisions alone. Getting a second opinion is important when it comes to personal finance and we were happy to provide this for her.

Lori has taken time out to listen and council Chris as she makes important life decisions. We were able to provide her with the guidance of a financial plan for retirement and answers to her questions such as “how do I invest my money so that I don’t outlive my retirement funds?”.

Growing Your Family

Paulina and Jeff came to Maggie with some investment experience. As young, ambitious professionals at CIGNA and ESPN, Paulina and Jeff were looking for additional guidance and attention to detail when it came to managing their finances.

With the birth of their son, Maggie helped Paulina and Jeff prepare for a growing family. Most recently Maggie and Lori worked with Paulina and Jeff to provide advice on how they can protect their assets against risk through the strategic use of life insurance.

We also connected Paulina and Jeff with a local realtor who got them into their home in time for their new baby, ensuring a smooth transition to parenthood.


The preceding are for illustrative purposes only. Actual performance and results will vary. These do not constitute a recommendation as to the suitability of any investment for any person or persons having circumstances similar to those portrayed, and a financial advisor should be consulted.