Employer Retirement Plans

401k / 403B / 457


Goals Assessment

Establish your goals, time horizon, and receive an analysis of your individual risk tolerance. We use these factors in analyzing your 401k to ensure that it fits your unique situation. Our financial advisors pick out underperforming areas of your account while simultaneously providing you with insight into relevant areas of growth.


Investment Research

Our competent research team is at your disposal. We provide key market insights, industry leading financial modeling, risk analysis, comprehensive portfolio analysis and more. We regularly leverage our relationships with economists from leading financial firms to provide the best advice. You will always have access to our financial analysts and Commonwealth Financial Network’s research team of Certified Financial Analysts (CFAs). Experience the confidence of a professional investor by having your portfolio backed up by strong data.


Asset Allocation

Saving money is critical but knowing how to construct your portfolio it is just as important.

A proper asset allocation strategy that accurately reflects your risk tolerance, time horizon, and financial goals is imperative in a financial plan. We use cutting-edge tools to truly determine your risk versus reward preferences. Our advisors and analysts then create an investment asset allocation that is driven by your balance of risk versus reward. We then continue to rebalance to keep your portfolio in-line with your preferences.


Semi-Annual Check-ins

As your portfolio grows, meet with your financial advisor to evaluate not only your 401k but also your financial goals. You’ll understand how your account is being managed and also we will keep you on track to achieve your financial goals. We involve you in every step of the process to keep you confident and excited about your financial future.