Magdalena Breaks Down Tax Code Changes

Maggie sits down with the host of WNPR’s Where We Live, Lucy Nalpathanchill, to give an in-depth guide to the most recent tax code changes. She covers the increase in standard deductions, tax bracket changes, why your tax return may be smaller this year compared to last, the ins and outs of “donor advised funds”, how to minimize your tax bill moving forward and more.

How Parents Can Teach Their Children How To Manage Money

It is important to educate the next generation about best practices when it comes to finances which is why Magdalena Johndrow gives important tips on ways that parents can get their kids to learn the basics of managing money. Explaining concepts such as interest can encourage children to save and understand the power of wealth building at an early age.


Financial Planning for the First Half of 2018

Our esteemed financial advisor Magdalena Johndrow provides a general market overview and explains how the most recent changes to tax law. Planning for the future by maximizing the use of employer sponsored plans and optimizing your benefits through the use of tax strategy are excellent ways to continue to grow your retirement fund in the current financial climate.

Young Voters are Being Targeted This Campaign Season

As the economy and job creation continue to be of the utmost importance to young American voters, making that a critical point for Connecticut politicians to seize upon during the 2018. As concerns grow over a population decrease on a state level, government officials refocus their efforts on providing young residents with good reason to remain in state.


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