Investment Management


Portfolio Construction

Our certified financial professionals will build you a portfolio that reflects your individualized life goals and risk tolerance. Leverage our knowledge of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, REITs, and so much more to create a personal library of investments that suits you. We want our clients to not only understand their investments but also be excited about them! We seek to understand your passions and couple them with investment choices—always considering the lowest cost options!


Investment Research

Our competent research team is at your disposal. We provide key market insights, industry leading financial modeling, risk analysis, comprehensive portfolio analysis and more. We regularly leverage our relationships with economists from leading financial firms to provide the best advice. You will always have access to our financial analysts and Commonwealth Financial Network’s research team of Certified Financial Analysts (CFAs). Experience the confidence of a professional investor by having your portfolio backed up by strong data.


Exclusive Investment Benefits

At Johndrow Wealth Management you are a valued member of our investment family which is why we provide you with exclusive package features that will help to put you ahead of the competition.

Our investment benefits include

  • Access to the lowest costing investment share class for mutual funds

  • Online access to Investor 360 and account aggregation

  • Tax loss harvesting to minimize your tax bill

  • Ongoing access to our financial advisors


Formal Reviews

Hold complimentary meetings with your financial advisor who will review your portfolio, establish areas of improvement, take an account of any changes in your life, and adjust your portfolio accordingly.

Work closely with your advisor to ensure that your questions and concerns are appropriately addressed.

Gain access to our extensive network of strategic partners. Johndrow Wealth has a rolodex of trusted professionals to help you through whatever life situation you’re going through — estate planning, divorce, adoption, refinancing, buying a home, or moving— to name a few.