Next Gen Launchpad


401k Analysis

Establish your goals, time horizon, and receive an analysis of your individual risk tolerance. We use these factors in analyzing your 401k to ensure that it fits your unique situation. Our financial advisors pick out underperforming areas of your account while simultaneously providing you with insight into relevant areas of growth.


Budget & Debt Reduction Analysis

Gain control over your expenses and eliminate the debt that might be holding you back from achieving your goals.  We will summarize your expenses and help you determine where you can save money by reducing costly interest rates and get you on solid ground with your living expenses.


College Planning

Truly understand what college costs and make decisions on how to fund it. We will do an analysis of the costs of various schools and present the funding choices of 529s and Coverdell accounts, various investment accounts (UTMA), as well as loans that may be available. After college is done we can also create a plan to pay off student loans most efficiently, understanding Public Student Loan (PSL) forgiveness, repayment options such as Income-Based Repayment, and/or student loan refinancing.


IRA/Roth IRA Review

Use the many benefits of IRAs and ROTH IRAs to help save for the future.  We can help you create a retirement nest egg outside of work, while also understanding the tax implications.  We will customize a plan to help you consolidate and save for retirement by analyzing your accounts and determine if you are saving enough to reach your goals. We can also explore ROTH conversions, also known as “back-door conversions, which can assist with taxes in retirement.